For more than 80 years, at Beauvais fruits et légumes, we are both importers and wholesalers. Over the years, we have built and strengthened strong relationships with suppliers from around the World. To achieve this, we are constantly adapting to changes in the industry, whether importing from a larger range of countries or meeting growing demands from our clients.

Our main priorities:

First: offer our customers the best quality and freshness available, at the best possible price. All-year long.

Second : provide our suppliers with the services and the distribution network they can expect from a trusted importer.


By developing strong relationships with local market producers of fruits and vegetables, Beauvais fruits et légumes is proud to both be a local distributor and to export quality products. All-year long.


Delivery Service

At Beauvais fruits et légumes, our expertise in delivering fresh fruits and vegetables spans over decades.

Whether you are a wholesaler, a food service distributor, a retailer, a processor or an importer, you can count on our reliable delivery service, both locally and through the continent (United States / Canada).

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